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Consolidation and wide application of Fixed Broadband
With the trend of multi-level development of the global economy, the network and wide-area of enterprise information has become one of the important ways for enterprises to acquire fast business processing capabilities. High-speed, reliable Internet access has become an important indicator of whether companies can quickly respond to market changes. Accessing the Internet with a carrier-grade private line is the best choice for all enterprises to access the Internet. Compared with other methods (such as ADSL), access to the Internet through the fiber-optic line has the following advantages:It has the unique stability of the dedicated line transmission, fast speed, the same speed of uplink and downlink, small delay, multiple speed options, convenient speed increase and so on. Exclusive Internet export Internet access, 24 hours a day online, with a fixed public IP address. In addition to high-speed access to the Internet, a variety of network functions can be implemented. Such as: Web site publishing; establish its own E-mail e-mail system; FTP file download service; DNS domain name resolution; IP telephony; VPN; video conferencing and e-commerce. Fiberbuy can provide Fiber Media Converter, 1000 BASE SFP, BIDI SFP, 10G SFP+, 10G BIDI SFP+ to build enterprise fiber-optic private line access Internet transmission solutions. Fiberbuy provides advanced fiber-to-the-desktop solutions for Gigabit NIC mainframes for a wide range of industry customers.